Unwrapping soon!

We are very proud and very excited to be able to launch this brand in Australia!

Come see us unwrap at the Sydney Pen Show on 25 August at the Australian National Maritime Museum Sydney.

Since 2007 designer Makoto Kawai and his team have been producing handcrafted utilitarian goods for everyday.

“We take pride in craftsmanship and never skimp on time and effort.”

MATERIAL(素材)、VISUAL&UTILITY(外観と有用性)、HANDMADE(手作り)、MADE IN JAPAN(日本製)にこだわり、長く使えるもの、丈夫で無駄の無いプロダクツを展開しています。superior labor (= 優れた労働者)

Amidst the lush green of the mountainside of Kibi Chuo Cho in the heart of Okayama Japan you will find Nap Village. What used to be a school is now home to the brand with a workshop, a store and a cafe.

To find out more visit their website (in Japanese)

Watch this space!