The more you use your techo, the more it becomes your very own book. We’ve created a techo cover with a brass button that will mature just like a techo.

Continuing with Search & Collect, we asked Naoko Kosaka from button and jewelry specialty shop CO-, which handles everything from antiques to modern items, to choose an antique button to be reprinted specially for this cover.

The original button was made towards the end of the 19th century in France. Inside the room, a cat is peering into a mirror. The button is detailed, down to the floorboards, the pattern of the wallpaper and the coat of the cat . . . You can feel the story expanding, just from details packed in the several-centimeter small button.

The herringbone material is made with wool tweed. It’s an eye-catching red, but the texture calms it down, so it suits well with anybody.

Close the cover using the belt with snap-on buttons. There are two button snaps so that the cover can accommodate your techo’s growing thickness if you paste in items like photographs and ticket stubs. The pen hook on the cover interior is designed to hold a pen by its clip. The button starts out bright and shiny, and gradually darkens and dulls over time for that classic brass look you can enjoy while your cover matures alongside you. This cover was named after the mirror etched into the button. We hope this cover will offer you time to reflect on yourself with your techo.

A6 Size (fits Planner and Original)

A5 Size (fits Cousin)

Paper Size



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