Shinsuke Yoshitake Today’s Adventure

Shinsuke Yoshitake is a children’s book author and illustrator born in 1973 in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Children consider even an average day to be full of adventure, and this design is to remind us to write about even our average days and cherish those moments. The cover illustrations are all selected with a focus on drawings of children, mainly from those printed on the bottom of the Hobonichi Techo 2022 Day-Free’s graph paper pages. There are 40 illustrations total on the A6 size Original cover. There are 60 illustrations total on the A5 size Cousin cover. The natural-colored canvas material has been printed on with an inkjet printer.

Even before he wrote children’s books and held an office job, Shinsuke Yoshitake has always drawn things that stuck out to him or thoughts that crossed his mind into his techo. The Today’s Adventure cover is filled with a collection of small illustrations that came about as simple sketches. There are so many cute poses in the mix, with some looking bored and others staring off deep into space. These still drawings are so filled with Yoshitake’s artistic charm that you can almost see the characters move and hear them talk.

A6 Size (fits Planner and Original)

A5 Size (fits Cousin)

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